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Cattleman Funding Request

  1. The applicant must be registered at the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture before 1/1/2018
  2. The applicant must not be an employee (government - private)
  3. The funding is limited to smaller-scale cattle breeders (50 - 500 heads of cattle)
  4. Attending a workshop in the field of cattle breading held by the Ministry or bodies specialized in this issue

SIMAH approval form

Registering at the e-services platform or logging in the case of the existence of an account


The expected time for closing the request: 7 working days

In case there was no response during the specified period, following-up and escalation can be done through the “contact us" service or via the email


Considering the request at the headquarters of the body​

Last updated: 10/10/2018 22:30
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