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Is the department responsible for developing the strategic plans of the Fund supported by research and studies that contribute to achieving the agricultural strategy through sustainable financing means and enhancing food security in order to achieve sustainable financial independence which comes within the peaceful policy of risks.
General objectives:
  • Funding the agricultural sector in a way that contributes to achieving food security and sustainability of natural resources. 
  • Funding farmers based on the regions’ comparative advantages, with the aim of supporting sustainable agriculture and rural development. 
  • Supporting the efficiency of utilizing resources as well as encouraging the use of modern technologies. 
  • Funding cooperative associations and projects that provide supporting products and services. 
  • Achieving optimal utilization of financial and human resources as well as the information technology systems.
  • Achieving sustainable financial independence and developing capital as well as governance comprehensive risk management.​​

Last updated: 5/16/2024 23:22
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