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Treatment of distressed projects

The idea of the program

The idea is to restart stalled projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and investors who wish to invest in these projects.


Program objectives

  1. Handling the loans of stalled projects through offering them to new investors.
  2. Providing opportunities for new investors who would like to invest in the agricultural field.
  3. Restarting stalled projects owned by the clients who borrow from the fund.
  4. Contributing to increasing production and reducing the gap between supply and demand in local markets.
  5. Contributing to developing the areas benefiting from these projects.

The possible solutions for handling each stalled project

  1. Rehabilitating the project.
  2. Refunding the project.
  3. Scheduling the installments of the stalled debt.
  4. Transferring the debt to a new investor.
  5. Leasing the project to investors who would like to invest without ownership transfer.
  6. The owner of the stalled project entering a new partnership with a new investor.
  7. Coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment regarding licenses, including changing the activity, renewing the license, etc.

Kinds of stalling

  1. Financial
  2. Marketing
  3. Administrative
  4. Technical​
Last updated: 2/5/2024 5:05
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