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Regular Loans

They are the loans provided to finance agricultural fields for the purpose of growing crops of all kinds, fruit farms, bee hives, fishing boats, tourism loans, clinics, pharmacies and vegetable carts.

Regular loans are long-term services provided as direct loans.

First/ Long-term loans:

         Agricultural goals:

  • Drilling artesian wells with casing pipes.
  • Regular plastic and air-conditioned green houses.
  • Fishing boats and fixed and mobile engines.
  • Warehouses
  • The cost of allowing the entrance of power supply.
  • Fixed and mobile bee hives.
  • Dates refrigeration and freezing rooms.
  • Drip irrigation systems.
  • Sheep with barns.
  • Fuel tanks.
  • Plungers with their accessories.
  • Plowers and their accessories.
  • Machine umbrellas.
  • Machinery and defenses.
  • Pumps (if there is a price).
  • Ground and circular water pools.
  • Pesticides spraying machines.
  • Buildings.
  • Electric heads and electric cables.
  • Agricultural waste shredder.
  • Irrigation water pipes.

 Agricultural tourism loans: 

        Veterinary clinics and pharmacies:

  • Primary veterinary care clinics.
  • Veterinary pharmacies.
  • Mobil veterinary care clinics.

         Others that serve the agricultural activity.

Last updated: 5/22/2024 10:54
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