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ADF Participates in Al-Jenadriyah 32

The Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) has participated in the national festival for heritage and culture organized by the National Guard in Al-Jenadriyah. Riyad bin Abdullah, the manager of PR and Media Administration, said that the ADF’s participation will highlight its role as a loaning body that contributed to the agricultural advancement. 
The ADF has reviewed its most prominent future projects and services offered to beneficiaries during its participation participation in Al-Jenadriyah festival.
The pavilon has presented a historical brief on the establishment of the fund since 1382AH to the present time. It also introduced its funding programs and partnerships with the commercial banks in order to offer credit facilitations to farmers in order to move forward with the development of agriculture in KSA.
The Director General of the Fund, Munir bin Fahd Al-Sahli, explained that the festival is a historical event that links the past to the future and measures the extent of the development and advancement achieved by KSA on all levels under the leadership of the wise government. He stressed that the pavilion reflects the role of the fund in supporting and funding all activities of the agricultural sector in accordance with the strategy that fits the trends of the agricultural policy of KSA, based on the 2030 vision. This happens through funding projects that rationalize the use of water and the three main sectors of greenhouses, poultry broilers, and aquaculture, in addition to funding small-scale farmers and cooperative organizations.
He explained that the fund will soon announce a program to fund import feed within a funding program in partnership with commercial banks to support the sector of animal wealth, as well as fund veterinary pharmacies and clinics, in addition to funding credit services that target stimulating clients to use modern technologies in agricultural projects to increase production efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining a high quality. 

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Last updated: 5/21/2018 6:41
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