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Fund’s Director General Launches E-Communication Service

In accordance with the principles and values of the State to give each person their rights, the Fund guarantees for everyone that they have the right to appeal and seek to eliminate injustice or rectify an error. It also guarantees for everyone the right to express their opinions, give advice, and present suggestions for the public’s best interest. As part of the fund’s adherence to its agreement to serve its clients, the Fund's management represented in the ADF Director General, has launched the Complaints, Suggestions and Inquiries Service which was developed by the Marketing and Communication Department. The service can be used through the Fund's website for the following:- 
Providing a safe and convenient electronic way to submit complaints, suggestions and inquiries through the fund’s website on clicking (contract us). This system provides users with the ability to directly submit their complaints, suggestions and inquiries.
- Linking the mechanism of submitting complaints, inquiries and suggestions electronically to the Fund's internal electronic correspondence system.
- The sender of the complaint, inquiry or suggestion is sent a mobile text message in which the state of processing his request is explained. 
To contact us, please visit this link:​

Last updated: 5/20/2018 4:20
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