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ADF Launches Livestock Breeding Funding Program

Under the sponsorship of King Faisal bin Khalid Sultan Al Saud, the Prince of the Northern Borders region, the Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) has launched the “Livestock Breeding Funding Program”, which will be in the northern borders region in its trial phase. It will target 500 livestock breeders in the region who are registered in the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, starting from this fiscal year 1439/1440AH / 2018. The Fund will evaluate the experience before generalizing it across the rest of the kingdom's regions.
The program aims to provide operational loans that eventually provide liquidity for small-scale livestock breeders, enabling local product to overcome the obstacles facing them. The program will also provide jobs for young people in the areas distinct for livestock breeding.
This trend by the fund aims to provide these breeders loans that cover the operational costs of raising no more than 250 livestock. Launching the program comes in accordance with the fund’s strategy and its mission to contribute to developing rural areas and benefit from comparative advantages in order to achieve sustainable agricultural developed through facilitated funding conditions that aim to deliver funding to the target segments of breeders in rural areas. This comes in coordination with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, in harmony with the 2030 vision and the National Transformation Program.
This program is also in line with the programs offered by the fund to support the sector of animal wealth, as a program for funding importation of feed was also launched, in addition to a program to fund veterinary clinics and pharmacies. 

Last updated: 5/20/2018 4:13
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